It's still one too many,

still one too many

It's still one too many,

I wonder if you can guess what the basic error yesterday

After my link to the new course page a lot of people went to the offer page and guess how many of them bought?

Carmac !, thank you!

Is it made again ??

It’s still one too many, because it was supposed to be zero after what I did. I’m writing this message because maybe you have nice customers and good product, you promote it and the sale is not going to happen. Cool customers read your messages, maybe even like them, but they don’t buy too much.

This happens to many people quite often. Something needs to change and I’ll tell you what. There was such a time in my marketing that peoples were buying in dark. Seriously, I’ve done it twice, so that from my books I directed straight to the basket and the sale was spinning! But in marketing, everything is constantly changing and you can’t too Long count on golden shots.

In my case, for example, it is so that more and more people write to me

Hannah , have pity, I haven’t done the previous course yet, and you you are already selling a new one! I have to do that first. The second “problem” gamers describe: I already have your X courses and are great. They make me sell well, so why do I need another one? As you can see, we focus on fans, not subscribers. In short, they have a problem with their next purchase.