It cost 64 dollars.

It bought 22,000 new CS:GO + Valorant fans .

It cost 64 dollars.

CVC code for all ?

Inside was a bull card. It bought 30,000 new fans including League of Legends scene also !. They made 180,000 dollars. So next year they went all the way. On Black Friday they just asked for money: give us 5 dollars. On the page they placed a simple form to fill in with fields your name, surname, credit card number, expiration date and much more btw

thinks happens

To avoid any misunderstandings they added checbox:

“I understand that I’m giving 44 USD and I know, in return nothing I will. People gave $5 for nothing… 14248 people paid $5 for nothing. 4139 gamers gave more than $5 by filling out a form. payment more than once. A total of $271,145 was raised for nothing. The following years brought other ideas, but the one with giving

The idea for this week’s money illustrates the thought.

Well, we are attached to the idea that business is about exchange: give me your money and I will give you “something”. Yes, that is true, but not all of it. There is always more than something. Well, see that in these cases, customers have bought an idea. The increase in Black Friday, that Bullshit is worth buying a You can give money for nothing. These are funny ideas that make you smile on your face.