Invest in yourself without excuses

"The exchange is like a melting pot, it boilers people, their most hidden instincts mixes sometimes with money and sometimes with mud, but, remember, it never sleeps"." - from book Much to lose

My best team I have ever worked with !

A dynamic game is really our lives !!

My favorite character has a well organized life. Unexpectedly everything starts to fall apart. We accompany the hero on a long journey from the Manhattan Highlands to the desert of New Mexico. A whirlwind of death unfolds around him, and reality - just now calm and predictable - suddenly shows wolf fangs What do you think this blog is about?

"Stretcher.... Please. Imagine two guys from the gym talking about T-shirts. - Oh, you have a cool T-shirt! - Yeah, and you know it gives you a boost of commitment to training, increasing self-confidence and mental strength?" You see that? The second example: "You will learn the right messages to use in The conversation will bring agreement. This will certainly allow You avoid many conflicts and a constant struggle for rations." My reaction: "Will you learn the right messages"???? Well, please. Imagine how two neighbors talk about children and one tells the other: "You know, I've learned the right messages, which the application brings agreement with my children." You got it? 😊 " Perhaps you already see this error? Maybe you don't see it, not me judging you. But do you know how to fix it? Oh, dear, I'm sorry, that's a bad question. I'm a very bad person. I put you under a wall and say: decide!