Inside was a bull card.

No kidding - You better sit down NOW

Inside was a bull card.

You better sit down, because it can shake your mind and

you will lose your balance.

Or a virtue… No, I guess we’re done with it? There’s a company that proved that you can legally sell nothing. Or Bullshit.

Or av RO Bullshit.

Or do anti-promotion and make money from it. You see, you and I have hundreds of beliefs in our heads, and most of them they’re harming us. And our business. Take, for example, the upcoming Consumer Day - Black Friday for all Valoran Fans. It is known that discounts have to be made for customers to buy. The American company Case Against Humanity did the opposite. They sell bizarre ball game cards for questions and answers. In 2013 they announced a promotion for Black Friday: “Only today! All Case Against Humanity cards $35 more expensive! Don’t miss this one-time opportunity!” Earlier, they provided discount coupons for $0.005, but This time it went better for them and they won first position on the Amazons.