85 good soldiers

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85 good soldiers

We will send people for him and get him out of from there These are the words from the film Private Ryan. The story of saving the youngest and last son of a lady Ryan.

He's definitely alive.

Many good soldiers risk their lives to save one, who doesn’t know if he’s still alive at all. In the name of what? The war will not be won by anyone. It’s saving one life, which suddenly became valuable. In a way it has become more valuable than others. And what is more valuable to you than everything else? The plot of one of my beloved Lord of the Rings films is based on a journey to little Hobbit’s hell in order to destruction of the ring.

In one of the last scenes of this trilogy

.. when a handful of knights under Aragorn’s leader stands at the gates of Mordor, opposite the mighty of the army, you can hear them screaming: “For Frodo!” They do not even know if he is alive. But they are ready to die.

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