something different today?

a little small advice

something different today?

So .. could we do something different today? I thought I’d write it to you for encouragement in the morning, maybe by you’ll have a better day?

Well, I have new pro-gamer who I am correcting all my twitch video promotional.

thinks happens

And I noticed a certain pattern, which is constantly repeated. There is a good chance that you do the same, so today’s post will solve this problem. Almost every time I correct her e-mails, I cut out the first few paragraphs. Anyway, not only in her, in others The same applies to edited it. I delete, delete and enter them. So that the post starts “from the inside”. And suddenly it becomes more dynamic, then it is easy to improve further content, because actually everything “flies by itself”. So I advise it to you too. It doesn’t have to be an e-mail! It concerns every text. Yesterday, for example, I did the same with a client who runs an accounting office for small entrepreneurs, teaches She wrote with me and asked me to evaluate the text. The beginning was more boring than the budget accounting regulations, until suddenly I found a sentence that caught my attention and boom, From this place it was ok.

Good gamers very often start a book - YES , throwing us in the middle of the action, where we quickly have to figure out what to do history. Then the content captures us, like a tornado. Most people slowly enter a trance of writing, so the first words, it’s just a warm-up, don’t take them too seriously.