Just see what happens

You have something to play same tatcics again !

Just see what happens

So when you write something again,

delete the first 5 paragraphs and see what happens. Most often, the text will not lose any of it at all! I know it hurts because it is your words, but there is no mercy, you are not writing for yourself! However, many people are afraid at this point that not much of this The content will remain and that is why they stick to every letter. Well, if you have difficulty filling in the pages sensibly, then you have a problem.

thinks happens

But this is not the only way to write good texts!

Because imagine such a breakthrough.

It turns you inside out just thinking about it, you feel, one great, heavy resistance. And the task is a big axe over your head, the executioner is just waiting for sign. But you sit in front of the computer, you open a one-page PDF, you choose only one thing and… the hand chooses the letters itself on the keyboard. But wait a minute, it’s not your hand and it’s a GREAT! In addition, it has 10 fingers, instead of five. This is so cool! It’s delicate, well groomed, but you can see that it’s strong and firm. You watch him knock on the keyboard and see him create amazing text. Under the influence of movements of the mysterious hand, the black keyboard starts jumping. Letter, jumping, letter, jumping. Is it some kind of rhythm, music?