Money or Life teory

ready to give knowledge

Money or Life teory

hat do you think will happen if we sell an idea, like “life

or death”? Because the idea of “Money or Life” mobilizes for sale is We found out last week.

thinks happens

You see, your mentor is ready to give knowledge for something more than a product or service. Because every product is only a bridge to the goal. So it is about the goal, not the product. Behind every product there is a certain ultimate goal, an idea, behind that the customer wants to pay. If you describe the product itself, ignoring the higher target The customer, the idea behind his desire, you will sell, but not much.

When you learn to discover and communicate with your team this

a higher goal

  • a vision of life when it is achieved
  • I do not know how much

more you will sell, but in many cases it is even 10 times more. Writing about the product itself impoverishes your texts. Just focusing on the customer and his desires does not reach to the truth about the purchase.