Well, in my opinion -ee what?

this if banning has turned into a need.

Well, in my opinion -ee what?

I’ll confess to something

. I have a big and sales. But I have found my solution to this problem - maybe you have you need this. All through my head.

this if banning has turned into a need. When everyone’s gonna be fucking with the price reductions, you got This is a chance to stand out in this crowd. Of course, if you want to calm down, you can use these proven methods and fucking such a reduction that customers the jaws fall down. Who will forbid the rich. I do not look into your wallet, do as you think. However, I kindly report that you can sell approaches in another way.

Is it better?

It always depends on the execution. Will you earn more from it? It always depends on the execution. Do you have to work hard at it? Yes, I’ll say yes, honestly, because going beyond the scheme always requires some effort. My proposal to increase sales is that it does not you’re using Christmas for this, only something that brings with it product.

More specifically, what the product carries.

Yes, we sell during the holiday season, when more people have willingness to give you your money, but without mixing to of this Christmas tree, Santa Claus and dwarfs. Because there is something that pierces mixed with slush mud the theme of the holidays. btw:

I’m talking about it in the Power of Opportunity Movie and this time there is no price reduction, we ignore customers